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Our Story

Crumbunny started out in a campervan on the coast of California. Nestled among the redwoods here, we roasted a pile of green beans in our popcorn popper. We wanted the best flavor, the perfect balance between the coffee’s origin profile and roast characteristics.

It took some time and considerable experimentation for us to find the perfect roasting technique. When we found it, we shared the end product with friends and family. Our humble little Crumbunny coffee roasts become very popular in our circle.

This led to the decision to share our beautiful single-origin coffee with others. We started selling Crumbunny and here we are.

The Name

We’re often asked where the name “Crumbunny” comes from. The origin of Crumbunny is a pretty funny story and we delight in telling it every time someone asks.

There was an angel-faced, friendly little pup named Hunnybunny. I once saw her licking crumbs off the floor and called her “cute little crumbunny.”

That ultimately became the name of our little coffee business. Doesn’t Crumbunny Coffee sound amazing? We felt the name suited to our company perfectly. It was unique, funny, memorable, and organic.

At Crumbunny, we are dedicated to maintaining quality and committed to making excellent coffee. Our roasts have aromas and flavors that will enchant your senses. All our beans are single-origin and carefully-selected. We roast our beans in short batches to ensure they remain potent and retain their taste.

If you want to know more about our coffee roast, don’t hesitate to contact us at Crumbunny Coffee Roasters. You can call 530 264 7773.


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Crumbunny Headquarters
Crumbunny Headquarters
Crumbunny Headquarters
Crumbunny Headquarters