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Available | Limited | On Vacation | Coming Soon

These beans are taking a nap for now. If you loved them, let us know. We source from co-ops and look for low allocation, fair trade, and ethically minded farms. We like to keep things fresh and interesting! Our flexible menu allows us to provide the best bean for your buck.
Click on the images below to view a larger display.

On Vacation
Peru Aproccurma Café De Mujeres Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Baked Apple, Produced by Women
On Vacation
Sumatra Tani Gayo Organic
Smooth, Bodied, Malty Sweet
On Vacation
Indonesia Flores Wongawali Organic
Smooth, Dried Cherry, Cocoa
On Vacation
Guatemala Antigua los Volcanes
Smooth, Leathery, Molasses
On Vacation
Honduras Marcala Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Caramel, Malty
On Vacation
Bali Blue Moon Krishna Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Gingerbread, Spiritually Uplifting
On Vacation
Colombia Excelso La Bomba Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Chocolate, Hazelnut
On Vacation
Ethiopia Jebicho Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Berry Bowl, Rain
On Vacation
India Arabidecool Rain Forest Alliance
Smooth, Complex, Cacao
On Vacation
Mexico Chiapas Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Herbal, Malty
On Vacation
Mexico Oaxaca Fair Trade Organic
A Real Crowd Pleaser
On Vacation
Papua New Guinea Peaberry
Smooth, Sweet, Great Body
On Vacation
Sumatra Takengon Mandheling Grade 1
Smooth, Thick, Earthy
On Vacation
Ethiopia Hafursa Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Winey Texture, Clean Finish
On Vacation
Mexico Altura Swp Decaffeinated Fair Trade Organic
Smooth, Rich, Chocolatey
On Vacation
Colombia Nacientes
Smooth, Chocolate, Hazelnut
On Vacation
Colombia Huila
Smooth, Sweet, Easy Going
On Vacation
Bennett’s Classic Espresso Blend
Smooth, Sweet, Roasty
On Vacation
Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona
Smooth, Earthy, Refined

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Sunday 9am to 5pm
Monday 9am to 5pm
Tuesday gone with the wind
Wednesday by appointment