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100% Arabica Beans -Aroma Roasted- in Ten Pound Batches!
Our Menu Changes Frequently

Peru Approccurma
Smooth, Floral, 100% Arabica Beans -Aroma Roasted- in Ten Pound Batches!
Milk Chocolate
A Women's Collective: Farm Gate Beans,
Grown, Harvested, Processed, and Sold en todo se Cafe De Mujeres
Available in True Medium or Viennese ( Medium Dark ) Roast Available
Rudy's Espresso Blend
Smooth, Big Body, Lovely Crema`
A ‘Hare’ Darker than our Classic Viennese Roast, still with one spot of oil on each bean.
100% Arabica Beans aroma roasted to perfection for a surprisingly thick crema, almond nuances.
Named after our Neighbor, Truffle Maker, and Barista Extraordinaire Rudy of The Truffle Shop, Nevada City.
Our Most Popular Coffee since 2017. Hand Sorted, Blended, and Aroma Roasted in Ten Pound MicroBatches.
Excellent for all types of coffee service and coffee makers.
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast Available
Ecuador Zamora Coop
Smooth, Tamarind, Cocoa
Ecuador is described as one of the most elusive origins of coffee. Apparently, the high
cost of production makes it difficult to compete in the global market. Well, the stars aligned
correctly and we are the big winners with this beautiful Coop grown coffee.
True Medium and Viennese (medium dark) Roast Available
India Nuggets Extra Bold
Smooth, Dried Apricots, Zesty, Chocolate
This coffee finds its way to us from several family owned farms in the Chikmagalur District in Karnataka
India. Many of the farms have been in operation for over 100 years. With all that practice,
this coffee promises to be a good one.
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast Available
Smooth, Maple Syrup, Tamarind, Savory
Coming to us from a family owned estate that has been passed down through three generations.
Located in the Karatu District on the northern end of Tanzania, grown in Volcanic loam using coffee trees from Ethiopia,
at an elevation off 1700 meters. I’ve never had a bad Tanzanian coffee, and this one here follows suit.
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast and Available
Guatemala Coban Los Volcanes
Smooth, Sweet, Well-Rounded
Guatemalan coffee has always been highly revered for its clean profile and abundance
of origin characteristics. Balanced body and clean flavor are what keeps us coming back for more.
True Medium and Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast Available
India Arabidecool
Smooth, Nutmeg, Caramel
Washed Process brings on new flavors to love from this Estate Favorite. Makes a Mighty Fine Espresso with fluffy Crema.
Flavors develop beyond seven days. This is the bean to use for spice blends, baking and kalua making!
We keep finding more perfect pairings for this coffee!
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast Available
Brazil Chapada Diamantina
Smooth, sweet, crisp
Grown by a family of farmers in the state of Bahia, this coffee is grown using holistic practices and zero pesticides.
The approach to fertilizing is taken with a homeopathic approach. The quality of the Coffee is only improved by these methods.
This coffee has a great body and strong flavors of Chocolate, Golden Raisin, and Honey Roasted Peanuts.
True Medium and Viennese (Medium Dark) Available
Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga
Smooth, Herbal, Butterscotch, Heavy Body
Cooperatively grown coffee at an average of 2,000 meters elevation makes this one of the highest growing elevations in all of Indonesia.
Truly a fine bean having the hallmarks of the traditional Indonesian profile: Heavy body and bursting with flavor.
True Medium and Viennese (Medium Dark) Available
Smooth, Fig, Black Cherry
Luscious Fruity Nose with Ample Caffeine.
Please Drink Responsibly.
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast and TRUE MEDIUM Available
Smooth, Earthy, Strong
A true Indonesian delight. This is our first offering from Flores since 2017.
It is best described as a very coffee, coffee. Redundant but true.
This coffee works well as a single origin espresso, but truly sings a sweet song in a French Press.
Viennese (Medium Dark Roast) Available
Uganda Sipi Falls
Smooth, Cinnamon Sugar, Silky, Clean, Cocoa
It’s Back! It’s only been a few months, but we sure missed ya!
Hailing from the Eastern side of Uganda near the border with Kenya, this Bourbon Varietal
comes from a Cooperative comprised of 8,000 family owned farms. This amount of coffee harvested
is a testament to the truly ideal conditions of elevation, biological wealth, and human experience leading
to some of the highest quality coffee on the planet. Enjoy!
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast and TRUE MEDIUM Roast Available
Mexico Oaxaca SWP Decaffeinated
Smooth, Rich, and Flavorful.
Naturally Decaffeinated, Pesticide Free, Clean Coffee
They've always called it Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated, however we are fairly certain they take care of business in Altura, Mexico.
Same chemical free process, smaller carbon footprint.
Viennese (Upper Medium) Roast
SWP Peru Decaffeinated
Smooth, Rich, Flavorful Natural Water Process Decaffeinated.
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast Available
SWP Blend Decaffeinated
Smooth, Rich Flavorful Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated.
Blend Best for After Dinner Espresso and Unleaded Cold Brew.
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast Available
Empresso Blend Half Caff
Cooperative Grown, Pesticide Free, Fairly Sourced, Natural Water Processed Decaf.
Three Unique Coffees Blended for Maximum flavor and Minimum Caffeine.
We know you’re already in the hummingbird high energy frequency zone!
Viennese (Medium Dark) Roast Available
SWP West Africa Blend Decaffeinated
Smooth, Rich, Flavorful
A unique blend of Ethiopian and Ugandan Coffees from the Rift Valley in Western Africa.
This is a decaf that packs a lot of flavor and is one of the tastier decafs we have offered.
Ms. Joseph’s French Roast
Dark, Smokey, and Delicious.
Roasted to Order, a darker than dark version of one of the coffees listed above.
Last week it was Sumatra, this week it’s Bali Blue Moon!
Big Momma Blend
Smooth, Mysterious, Complex
Great for Cold Brew!
Smooth, Mysterious, Complex Great for Cold Brew!

Our Menu Changes Frequently

100% Arabica Beans -Aroma Roasted- in Ten Pound Batches!
Our Menu Changes Frequently

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