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100% Arabica Beans -Aroma Roasted- in Ten Pound Batches!
Our Menu Changes Frequently

Rudy's Espresso Blend
Smooth, Big Body, Lovely Crema`
Classic Viennese Roast, Medium Dark with one spot of oil on each bean.
100% Arabica Beans aroma roasted to perfection for a surprisingly thick crema, almond nuances.
Excellent for all types of coffee service and coffee makers.
Named after our Neighbor and Barista Extraordinaire Rudy of The Truffle Shop, Nevada City.
Our Most Popular Coffee since 2011.
Dark Roast
Sumatra Mandheling
Smooth, Bakers Chocolate, Full Bodied
Our Very Smoothest Coffee with a moderate amount of caffeine.
Deep Upper Medium Viennese Roast
PaPua New Guinea
Smooth, Nougat, Savory
Excellent for Espresso, Decadent like a Doberge Cake
Deep Upper Medium Viennese Roast
Tanzania Peaberry
Smooth, Caramel, Sweet
Delicious Blended, yet complex enough to stand alone.
Cooperative sourced and grown coffee
Deep Upper Medium Viennese Roast
Bali Blue Moon #2020
Smooth, Peat, Butterscotch
Bali Krishna Coffee! This legendary bean is traditionally harvested with spiritual practice.
Sought after for its High Vibe Good Energy and Complex Aroma.
Viennese Dark Roast
Mexico Oaxaca
Fig Jam, Honey, Cola
A multi- generational crowd pleaser. So many of our neighbors have strong ties to Oaxaca.
Roasted a “hare” above Medium into the Full City Plus zone.
Viennese Dark Roast
Colombia Tolima
Smooth, Sweet, Bodied
Incredibly aromatic of rhubarb, cacao nibs, and creme Brule
Available in Dark or Medium Roast
Brazil Mogiana Fazenda
Smooth, Chocolate, Complex
Available in Dark or Medium Roast
Ethiopia Limu
Red Fruits, Floral, Chocolate
Washed Process and Micro lot farms translate into big fruity flavors in your cup.
Available in Dark or Medium Roast
SWP Mexico Decaffeinated
SWP Mexico Decaffeinated
SWP Nicaragua Decaffeinated
Smooth, Rich, Flavorful
Empresso Blend Haf Caff
Swiss Water Process

Three Unique Coffees Blended for Maximum flavor and Minimum caffeine.
We know you’re already in the hummingbird high energy frequency zone!
Ms. Joseph’s French Roast
Dark, Smokey, and Delicious. This week it’s Sumatra!
Revolving selection of a darker than dark limited roast of one of the single origin coffees listed above
Big Momma Blend
Smooth, Mysterious, Complex
Great for Cold Brew!

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