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Coffee has a fascinating history. No one really knows where and how this ancient beverage was discovered, but there’s a lot of speculation about it. Many people agree that coffee dates back to the 15th century, though there are mentions of this bean before that as well.

At Crumbunny Coffee Roasters, we are passionate about this little bean. So it isn’t really surprising that we took an in-depth look at the history of coffee.

The Ethiopian Coffee Forests

Many believe that all of the coffee cultivated in the world can be traced back to the Ethiopian Coffee Forests. According to legend, a goat herder named Kaldi first discovered this bean when his goats consumed a few and became very energetic. He couldn’t get the goats to sleep at night and so he made a note of that peculiar change.

He mentioned the goats’ unusual response to coffee to an abbot at the local monastery. The abbot made a drink from the berries and found that it kept him awake throughout his long evening prayer sessions. He told the other monks about it and shared the drink with them. It quickly became popular with the locals and ultimately reached the Arabs.

Arabian Coffee

The coffee trend started in the Arabian Peninsula during the 15th century. People began cultivating the bean and consuming the drink regularly. Coffee trade flourished as people didn’t just drink it in their homes, but also started coffee houses called qahveh khaneh.

Coffee quickly became the social drink of the time. Just like we do today, people used to meet at these qahveh khanehs and spend time with each other over some of this fantastic brew. As a number of religious tourists visited the region, word of this wonder drink quickly spread to other parts of the world too.

Coffee in Europe

As coffee began to spread throughout the world, it didn’t take long to reach Europe. At first, this dark and bitter concoction was greeted with suspicion. Many monks and priests started calling it Satan’s drink. However, the pope intervened and declared it acceptable after a single taste.

Despite the lukewarm reception by the clergy, coffee quickly gained popularity. It was a social drink and was often consumed as a breakfast time beverage as well. Business owners quickly set up coffee shops and “coffee universities” where people could congregate to drink coffee and debate.

Eventually the drink reached England and by the 17th century, there were 300 coffee shops in London alone. It didn’t take long for coffee to reach the New World and flourish in other places too. Countries like India, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, etc., started cultivating coffee with a great deal of success.

Missionaries, traders, and travelers contributed to the spread of coffee throughout the world. This beverage is now one of the most popular drinks available today. Many people need their daily cup of morning coffee to start their day off on the right note. It is a very profitable crop and has created a thriving industry.

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