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Coffee comes in different forms and flavors. Most of the regular store-bought coffee doesn’t have the intense flavor or the entrancing aroma of great beans. Why settle for something mediocre when you can enjoy coffee that is a true delight to the senses? At Crumbunny Coffee Roasters, we provide truly bespoke roasted coffee to our customers.

Single Origin and Carefully Selected

If you want the richest and purest flavor, single origin coffee is the way to go. Our coffees are ethically sourced, carefully chosen, and sorted by hand. We remove all bad beans carefully before roasting them. This ensures your coffee has the right combination of richness, taste, and aroma.

Roasted In Small Batches

The roasting technique has a big influence on the coffee flavor and quality. We always roast the beans in small batches to bring out the best in the coffee. The heat gets distributed among all beans evenly, which produces a much smoother taste.

All our beans are roasted in the Upper East Side of Downtown Nevada City. They’re processed in carefully controlled environments to preserve quality. Small batches are roasted daily. This ensures your coffee is always fresh, and strong.

Different ways to hop on the Crumbunny train

We offer wholesale coffee beans, retail, and coffee subscription options. If you love our roasted coffee beans, you can subscribe to our service and have them delivered to your doorstep at a predetermined schedule.

If you want to know more about our coffee, don’t hesitate to contact us at Crumbunny Coffee Roasters. You can call 530 264 7773 .

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  • Bradley N.
    3 month ago

    Sometimes the best cups of coffee aren't made where you might expect. They aren't to be found in a busy urban neighborhood where crowds line up before...
  • Camelia N.
    3 month ago

    Crumbunny is a relatively new addition to the Nevada City downtown coffee scene, with its own distinct personality and coffee roasting profile. It is not a...
  • John W.
    3 month ago

    This is a small, cleanly decorated, well maintained space serving the most outstanding organic coffee you will ever try. The art of coffee roasting is
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