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Smooth. Rich.
Global Flavor, Local Love, Coffee for the People

Welcome to the Crumbunny Caffeine Collection

It is our pleasure to delight your senses and ignite a little fire in your soul. Dark and delicious, Crumbunny Coffee brings an intense flavor and entrancing aroma out of each bean by Craft Roasting in ten-pound bantam batches. We are famous for our velvety smooth Viennese Roast. Often called Full City Plus, our beans dance around the Second Crack Stage and rest at a Happy Upper Medium. Everybody is a little different, and so is every bean. At Crumbunny Coffee Roasters, we are devoted to bringing a balance of flavor and distinct origin characteristics to each cup. A truly bespoke bean for our friends and neighbors.

Dynamic Collection of Deliciously Curated Single Origin Coffees
We have a knack for choosing the most delicious, beautiful, and highest quality coffees available. Crumbunny Coffee Roasters is committed to conscious consumption; education, sustainability and fair pricing. There is an astounding complexity involved in selecting green beans. We search for small, biodynamic farms and heirloom varietals, while always keeping ethical sourcing paramount. Our collection is constantly evolving as we ebb and flow with the season- and the myriad of economic tides. We use simple hand-stamped packaging and old-fashioned USPS snail mail to keep overhead costs down and higher quality beans in the hands of our caffeine cohort. We choose small lots from our trusted importer; a fair trade, farm gate cooperative we have been working with for over ten years. Our coffees are mindfully chosen, ethically sourced, meticulously roasted and sorted by hand to ensure every bean gets the love and care it deserves. Global Flavor, Local Love. Coffee for the People.

Hot Air. Aroma Roasted. Viennese Goodness.
Our refined Aroma Roasting technique has an enormous influence on the distinct flavor of Crumbunny Coffee. We roast to a classic Viennese level in faithful ten-pound batches to bring out the most Victorian and Artisanal Flavor. Just Kidding, though We Do have our headquarters in a Historic Victorian / Gold Rush Era Building. We roast upstairs, six days a week, overlooking gorgeous downtown Nevada City. In respect of our resources and our neighbors, we use the most energy-efficient, low tech and clean air preserving systems throughout our business. By chance or happenstance, this creates a more accurate spin on Aroma Roasting! Our custom-built hot air roasters are manual, we control the speed and heat throughout each roast. Hot Air is distributed evenly among all well-deserving beans, a delicate coaxing of the oils (and flavor!) to the surface of the bean. Before things get too dark and steamy, we stop the action and let them cool. A dedicated and poetic roasting process that makes for stellar cups of coffee.

Different ways to Hop on the Crumbunny train
We Roast to Order, Deliver, and Ship six days a week to accommodate our adoring public. This Mom and Pop shop offers Mail Order, Retail, Whole-Sale and Custom Orders. If you love our smooth, rich and flavorful coffee beans, our monthly subscription can be catered to your caffeinated needs. Custom coffee subscription options. Roasted and Delivered to your doorstep within 2 days of Roasting. USPS Complimentary 2 Day Shipping for most items. Let us know if you’d like to use Crumbunny Coffee Roasters in your next School, or Farm Fundraiser. We’re all Ears. Seriously.

If you would like to know more about our custom orders and event packages, give us a call. Crumbunny Coffee Roasters 530.264.7773

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    3 month ago

    Sometimes the best cups of coffee aren't made where you might expect. They aren't to be found in a busy urban neighborhood where crowds line up before...
  • Camelia N.
    3 month ago

    Crumbunny is a relatively new addition to the Nevada City downtown coffee scene, with its own distinct personality and coffee roasting profile. It is not a...
  • John W.
    3 month ago

    This is a small, cleanly decorated, well maintained space serving the most outstanding organic coffee you will ever try. The art of coffee roasting is